Don’t look up in triangle pose…

We’ve all been told at some point in warrior 2 or triangle pose to “look skyward toward our raised arm”. Unfortunatly, this has much more to do with tradition and nothing to do with our anatomy. Please ignore this cue; your neck will thank you for it.

Why? To put it simply, our spines don’t enjoy being twisted in two different directions. Ignoring the rules of anatomy will weaken and potentially injure the neck.

Here’s a simple test: move into Warrior 2 and bring your chin in line with your breastbone. How does that feel? This is a spine neutral position. Next look toward the front hand; do you feel a bit of resistance? Now, look at your back hand; do you feel even more resistance from your vertebrae?

Often we are asked to look up at our lifted hand while in triangle pose. This is the least comfortable and most comprised position for your neck and yet it is regularly taught. By moving our head into a position not supported by the spine, our muscles must now compensate. Adding a double twist to the spine, while holding our 10-14 pound head at an awkward angle, further increases the discomfort and pressure to the delicate vertebrae of the neck.

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