Reflections on teacher training

If you visit our class, the first thing you will notice is the diversity of the students; age, body type, yoga experience. But I believe we are similar in wanting the have, and teach, a yoga practice that is steeped in ahimsa – no harm to the students and no harm to the teacher.  To this end, we are studying human anatomy to be teachers who are well versed in how the body works to do the yoga poses, how it can be strengthened, how it may be harmed, and how it can be healed.

We want to bring yoga to everyone, not just the fit, youthful, strong, and flexible.  We are learning to adapt yoga practice to persons of all different fitness levels, body types, and physical limitations.  We are learning not to force people to do, or attempt to do, an ideal version of the yoga poses”.  –LW

“This training includes not only careful instruction in anatomy and how to make yoga safe and accessible to everyone, but also poignant forays into the ancient teachings of yoga that have to do with the mind and the spirit, as well as the body.  ..And yoga philosophy is, ultimately, about uncovering the buddhi, or higher, mind or self. This training is no less than a course in awakening”. -JQE

“Choosing Karen’s teacher training class was one of my best life decisions. She shares her deep knowledge, experience and wisdom in ways that instruct the mind, the body and the heart.”      -RW.

“The training has deepened my understanding of all aspects of Yoga practice. It has given me the tools to understand not only the muscular and physiological dimensions of yoga, but the spiritual and healing modalities as well. I highly recommend it!”                       –MC.

Teacher training was a thought-provoking, healing and empowering journey. When the training culminated, I had not only gained a tremendous knowledge base about yoga, but also experienced a personal paradigm shift. This powerful practice, coupled with Karen’s guidance, allowed me to optimize my potential”    – TM.

“…While being led by a knowledgeable and passionate instructor you get to bask in the presence of genuine and unique classmates as you take an unregrettable turn on your life’s new path!”   -CB.

Training as a yoga teacher is a journey of self-observation that can lead to uncovering the deep wisdom that lies within each of us. You might choose to teach, discover a new career, or simply want to understand how your body, mind and spirit can become unified and balanced.