Yoga Retreats

Join Feel Better Yoga for a Retreat in Costa Rica or Provence!

Feel Better Yoga offers retreats in Alajeula, Costa Rica and Provence, France. Both are amazing, beautiful and different places and accordingly, each retreat has it’s own features.  Come to one or better yet, join us for both!

Need 5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat?

1.  Because you come home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and also feeling great about having taken care of your health!

2.  It’s a fun way to travel on your own or with a companion

3.  You’ll have a comfortable way of exploring new cultures and countries

4.  We take care of making everything amazing (food, lodging, yoga and unique day trips) and it won’t break your budge

5.  Reconnect with your spirit and your laughter in a supportive group of like-minded individuals