Teacher Trainings Carmel

Become the teacher you’ve always wanted to find!

Teaching yoga is so much more than learning a series of asana. Yoga allows us to embrace everyday experiences and turn them into deep changes in our everyday lives.   Confidence, self-worth, and emotional balance are revealed as we embody the essence of unity within. This unique training is grounded in anatomy and yoga therapy with direct application to students with many levels of abilities, injuries and intentions.   We employ an active learning approach with a focus on specific areas of study. Working from the myriad tools of yoga therapy this course steps out of the classical and the rote and into new beginnings giving teachers a deep understanding of balancing the many layers of our being.

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Are you ready to awaken the teacher within?


300 Hour Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Are you a teacher who would like to lead a practice that is injury free and steeped in body wisdom?


Advanced yoga studies/Continuing Education

Want to have more tools to connect body, mind and spirit?